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Ghost Moth Press are an independent publisher of speculative fiction in Scotland

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  • New interview available for Cat Hellisen

    An author interview for our very own Cat Hellisen is available to read on Tallulah Lucy’s blog here: Includes an excerpt from their brand new, launched tomorrow book, Thief Mage Beggar Mage and news about what’s coming next!

  • Comp titles – who needs them?

    What is a comp? They are “simply” a couple of other titles or authors that you can compare your own book with. So, when you see a book marketed as, for example, “A Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet meets Consider Phlebas” – that’s a comp. Or, “The Wind in the Willows as written […]

  • Cat Hellisen author interview

    Hi there! Hello 😀 You’ve written a lot over the years, tell us about your writing journey! I started writing well over a decade ago and learned most of what I know thanks to the people on Absolute Write Water Cooler who gave of their time and shared their experience to help newbie writers like […]

  • E.M. Faulds author interview

    Today we welcome our first published author, E.M. Faulds to talk about her work and writing. Hi there! Hi *waves*. It’s great to be here! When did you first start thinking of yourself as a writer? Ooh, must be back to since I was old enough to know there were such a thing! Probably six? […]

  • Coming Soon

    Our website is happening! Watch this space if you love lush fantasy writing…