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Ghost Moth Press are an independent publisher of speculative fiction in Scotland

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  • BSFA eligibility for Ghost Moth Authors

    What are the BSFAs? Every year, the British Science Fiction Association (or BSFA) give awards for speculative fiction, poetry, art and more. Prizes are given at the annual awards ceremony, usually during their annual convention, Eastercon. 2023’s Eastercon is named “Conversation” and will be taking place in Birmingham, UK. Our authors have some eligible works […]

  • Filter words

    Filter words

    – what are they & why should you remove them from your manuscript? Should you erase filter words from your story? This is a subjective question, but one you should be thinking about. First off, what does the term “filter words” mean? This term can sometimes sound confusing. What are you filtering, and how? Simply […]

  • New interview available for Cat Hellisen

    An author interview for our very own Cat Hellisen is available to read on Tallulah Lucy’s blog here: Includes an excerpt from their brand new, launched tomorrow book, Thief Mage Beggar Mage and news about what’s coming next!

  • Comp titles – who needs them?

    What is a comp? They are “simply” a couple of other titles or authors that you can compare your own book with. So, when you see a book marketed as, for example, “A Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet meets Consider Phlebas” – that’s a comp. Or, “The Wind in the Willows as written […]

  • Cat Hellisen author interview

    Hi there! Hello 😀 You’ve written a lot over the years, tell us about your writing journey! I started writing well over a decade ago and learned most of what I know thanks to the people on Absolute Write Water Cooler who gave of their time and shared their experience to help newbie writers like […]

  • E.M. Faulds author interview

    Today we welcome our first published author, E.M. Faulds to talk about her work and writing. Hi there! Hi *waves*. It’s great to be here! When did you first start thinking of yourself as a writer? Ooh, must be back to since I was old enough to know there were such a thing! Probably six? […]

  • Coming Soon

    Our website is happening! Watch this space if you love lush fantasy writing…